Tips to Enjoy Your Day

kids fishingNo purchase of a saltwater license, or enrolling in a fishing registry is needed when fishing aboard any of the North Fork Captain’s vessels.

Weather on the North Fork can change quickly, so please be sure to bring adequate waterproof or windproof outerwear for warmth. Rubber insulated boots are also a good idea, especially during months of cooler temperatures.

Food and drinks should be brought along by the individual angler, with the exception of party boats, food and drink will not be offered for sale. Adult beverages are permitted on most vessels, but our captains highly recommend not drinking to excess either before, or during the trip.

Always bring some sunscreen because even on cloudy days UV rays from the sun can cause a persons skin to become sun burned.

Most fishing on the North Fork takes place in calm, sheltered waters. However, if one is prone to motion sickness it is advisable to take some over the counter medication at least 1-hour before setting sail. If you start to feel queasy, munching on pretzels or dry crackers of some sort may help you feel better.

All North Fork Captains vessels provide all the fishing tackle required for a successful day on the water. However, if you wish to use personnel rod and reel combos or rigs, bring them along, and the captain and mates will advise on whether the tackle is appropriate or not.

A cooler with ice is highly recommended to carry home the catch of the day. Styrofoam coolers bought at a convenience store on the way to the boat are not recommended, as rarely do such items make it through a trip without falling apart.